Another Six Sentence Sunday

Here is my excerpt for my six sentences.  I apologize for forgetting to continue with this last Sunday.  If you want to join in on the fun and post six sentences from your current WIP or other works, go here: and add your link.  Again, I thank everyone for coming to my blog and read my chosen six, which are from my current erotica WIP, Poker Night Threesome.

This is about a husband and wife who have been married for only about 4 years but already there is trouble in the bedroom.  So the wife, after having gained a lot of weight throughout her marriage from a surgery she had just before their marriage started, decides she needs to do something to get him interested in her again because she feels it is the weight she has put on as to why he doesn’t make love to her anymore.  So she starts reading erotica books, to find new ways to get and keep his interest.  With his birthday coming up, she hopes she has found the perfect gift — one she hopes he will remember for a long time.

And now:

Eventually, reading the erotica stories gave her more courage to be herself, to like herself and like what she saw about herself, to give herself pleasure since her husband was so into giving himself pleasure by jerking off to the computer almost every night.  The removal, massaging shower head in their bathroom was fast becoming her most intimate orgasm-giving friend she ever had.

Ben and Jacklyn loves to play poker — Texas Hold’em Poker to be exact and Ben was quite good.  They held regular poker games at their house on Saturday nights.  His birthday was fast approaching and Jacklyn thought she had figured out the perfect birthday present.  From all the naughty stories she’d been reading lately, a common theme throughout a lot of them was that men loved the idea of a threesome — two women and one man, but she just had to find the right woman she would feel and be comfortable with.

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt enough to want to buy the short story when it is released.

Thank you for stopping by again.



14 responses to “Another Six Sentence Sunday

  1. I think she’s right–most men fantasize about a f/m/f encounter. I wonder how many wives agree to make that fantasy come true? Hell of a birthday present! Great six, July.

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