Six Sentence Sunday

This is my first excerpt for Six Sentence Sunday!  I hope you enjoy my sentences and keep coming back each Sunday for more.  I really appreciate your support and please leave a comment — good or bad, I can always use the criticism to learn to get my stories better.

This group of sentences is from my first erotic story, Jema’s Sexual Fantasies! Story 1 – Jema Meets the man of her fantasies!  This an ongoing story of approximately 10,000 + words, hoping to be published every other month.  Though these stories of Jema’s only takes place approximately every March for her, I am hoping people won’t want to wait too long to read her story and glad I publish them every other month. Eventually, I plan on putting all of Jema’s stories into one book with either a HFN or HEA ending.

In this scene, Jema works at an airport in small town Alaska and has just seen her fantasy man come off the plane.  She has followed him into the men’s restroom without any thought as to who would be in there or if any one would come in.  After she got what she went in there for, her fantasy man says:

“I don’t imagine you want to get caught being in here with me. This is a very small town with a very small airport. You’re lucky the lobby isn’t very busy tonight.” He peaked out the door to see if anyone was heading their direction.

He leaned close to her ear, “I’ll be seeing you around town, babe, to collect what you owe me.”

And with a light kiss to her ear and a slight pat to her backside from the tall stranger, Jema walked out of the men’s restroom as if nothing happened.


3 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

    • Thank you Brien for stopping by. Wish I knew why my link to my web site didn’t show up on the main Six Sunday page. This was my first time posting my six sentences, maybe it will show up next time.

  1. Hi July, Welcome to SSS! I saw your note above, when you registered on the sixsunday site did you see your name next to a number? That’s how you know that it went through okay.

    This is an intriguing story and can’t wait for more in the coming weeks!

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