Jema’s Sexual Fantasies!

Story 1 – Jema Meets the Man of her Fantasies!


     Wanting him was all Jema could do to keep herself from reaching out to touch his face. To run her thumb over his lips and down around his mustache and then put her finger in his mouth and let him suck on it; or run her hand through his long blonde hair. It would be so uncharacteristic of her to do any of those things, but she felt he wouldn’t have minded if she had. She watched his face as his nearness kept her warm as the rain started and the wind blew it sideways under their tiny covering.

     There was no time like the present to talk to him since most of the people who had stood out there smoking with them had gone back inside as soon as the rain started.

     “You’re here for the herring?” The stupid question was out of Jema’s mouth before she could stop herself. Of course he was, as it was the middle of March and most everyone who got off the plane this time of year was here for the herring run. Though she didn’t know much about all the fisheries that went on in the small town, she knew the herring fishery was one of the biggest for their industry.

      Besides, he just said he hoped it didn’t rain this year.

     “Yes, I work for one of the largest fish processing companies in the Northwest and we buy the herring the seiners catch, process it on our floating processor, ship some of it to our processing plant in Washington, but we ship most of it to Japan.”

     “Sounds interesting. What do you do?” Jema asked as she took another drag off her cigarette.

     “I match the tender with the seiner that will pump the herring off, make sure that the tender can handle the load and if a seiner is really full and needs another tender to pump the fish off, I make sure there is another tender available. I do the test on the roe to make sure it’s ready to be fished and make sure we get a good and fair price. It’s kind of complicated, but I do a lot more than that, though.”

     “So you will not be getting back on that plane?” Again, another stupid question. Jema didn’t know what was the matter with her. She was full of stupid questions coming out of her mouth. Was the closeness to this tall man making her so nervous, any smarts she had left her brain?

     “No, I won’t. I’ll go get my bag and head over to the hotel and stay there until the floating processor arrives and anchors out at the end of the road.”

     Jema watched him as he put out his cigarette and moved to open the door for her. She followed his movements, putting her own cigarette out in the large sand ashtray and waited for the handsome stranger to open the door for her. She was disappointed their conversation couldn’t continue. Sad the kiss she fantasized about and thought was real didn’t really happen and that he was walking away from her, towards the bathrooms.

     “Wait!” Jema said as she, too, headed for the bathrooms and before she could think about the consequences of what she was doing, she looked around, faked going into the women’s restroom and followed the tall stranger right into the men’s restroom. No thought or worry as to whether any men were in there using the facilities. Jema didn’t care; she had to know more of this man. She was in luck, no one else was in there, so she quickly pulled him into the last stall; the larger one used by handicapped people. Her last coherent thought was she hoped no one in a wheel chair needed to use the facilities.

     Jema pushed him onto the toilet seat and stood straddling her tall handsome stranger. Moving with an overwhelming necessity and because she was as horny as hell, she kissed him deeply and passionately as she unbuckled his belt. His cock grew larger with her hands at his crotch, and she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, releasing his engorged cock from the tight confines.

     The stranger’s hands were at her slacks, unbuckling her belt, undoing her top button and unzipping her pants in the same urgency as she had undone his. Before she knew what was happening, he had his fingers inside her as his thumb slowly moved back and forth over her clit.

     As she had a hold of his large cock, pumping it slowly at first, she kissed him with another urgency she hadn’t felt in a long time, and he was kissing her back with the same hungry need. Had it been a while for him as well, she wondered? 


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